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San Lorenzo
Poor Service
Sat, 20th Feb 2016

Have played San Lorenzo around 10 times as own a property near by and always make an effort to play when I am here, one of my favorite courses in the region with a few stunning holes out towards the sea.My opinion sadly has fallen down from my most recent visit. The course was as always in fantastic condition and I bought 5 other players with me this time, due to the poor quality of the golf carts and even poorer quality of cart paths the strap holding my bag onto the buggy failed on the 10th resulting in my bag falling off the cart and snapping my driver in half.I reported this to the club house after my round, the golf pro and colleauges all but laughed and called me a liar. I was informed the manager was not around and he would call me the day after. No surprise that there were no attempts to contact me.. Not something you would expect of a club at this price point.Poor show from a regular customer, in addition to bringing a large group with me this time round.
Sorry to hear about the poor service your received at San Lorenzo . We will call the director this morning and send you an email later today.

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