Golf Courses in Portimao

Alamos Golf in Portimao, Algarve, Portugal
7.2 / 10 based on 187 votes
The Alamos 18 hole golf course is one of the newer courses to be inaugurated in the Algarve. Lying to the north of Portimao it is laid out as a neighbour to its sister course Morgado... Alamos Course
5,641m 5,055m 4,291m
Alto Golf Course in Portimao, Algarve, Portugal
7.8 / 10 based on 175 votes
The Alto Golf is located between the town of Portimao and the sea and close enough to the latter to give the player an occasional sea view. A simple par 3 opens your round but it is deceiving to what is in store... Alto Golf Course
6,125m 5,683m 5,233m
Morgado Golf in Portimao, Algarve, Portugal
7.8 / 10 based on 195 votes
The Morgado course is located next to its sister course, the Alamos Course, both to north of Portimao, and both being laid out in a large 980 hectare estate through undulating small valleys. The immediate main characteristic of the Morgado Course is its large greens which place demand on good putting skills... Morgado Course
6,399m 5,875m 4,824m
Penina Championship Golf in Portimao, Algarve, Portugal
6.4 / 10 based on 125 votes
The grandfather of all the courses in the Algarve and a permanent living symbol to its architect and active promoter, Sir Henry Cotton. Originally paddy fields for rice growing rice have been converted into a flat challenging course and especially designed for the stronger player... Penina Championship Course
6,273m 5,827m 5,140m
Penina Resort Golf in Portimao, Algarve, Portugal
5.9 / 10 based on 61 votes
This course previously known as the North Course is on the northern side of the main EN 125 an directly opposite the Penina Hotel. The Penina Resort Course and it has taken advantage of many of the factors laid down by Sir Henry Cotton on the bigger sister course... Penina Resort Course
5,946m 5,259m
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