Golf Courses in Belas

Belas Golf in Belas, Lisbon, Portugal
7.3 / 10 based on 6 votes
Belas golf course is located on the northern outskirts of the capital Lisbon. The fairways on Belas meander through valleys and over small hills with occasional views to towards the prominent Sintra hills... Belas Clube Campo Course
6,109m 5,615m 4,888m
Lisbon Sports Club Golf in Belas, Lisbon, Portugal
8 / 10 based on 4 votes
The Lisbon Sports Club golf course is an 18 hole course in the northern outskirts of Lisbon. First established as only a six hole course in 1880 by foreign English residents, the golf course is located almost in the present centre of Lisbon... Lisbon Sports Club Course
5,309m 5,029m 4,240m
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