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Name: Jukka Ahtinen
Country: Finland
Handicap: 4.9

Reviews by Jukka


Thanks for the well organized information. Make Time booking took place at a very short notice. Special thanks to James Crawford.
Sun, 24th Nov 2019
Thank you kinldy Jukka and for the great photo of Baiala 😊

Jukka's Course Reviews and Scores

Thu, 5th Dec 2019

The golf course was surprisingly diverse. The Greens were brisk and fast. Nice experience. Thank you
Alto Golf
Mon, 2nd Dec 2019

Well maintained golf course. The fairways require a good opening because they are quite narrow. Greens are fast but in good shape. Club cozy.
Santo Antonio
Thu, 28th Nov 2019

Santo Antonio Golf Course was a game condition. Challenging and bolt. Greens and Farways were good. The service worked. Thank you
Sun, 24th Nov 2019

Variable par 3 golf course. A great place to practice melee. Friendly service. Thank you..!
Espiche Golf
Mon, 18th Nov 2019

the golf course was well maintained. The Greens are brilliant, but very fast. Clubhouse cozy and good service.
Penina Resort
Fri, 23rd Nov 2018

Good 9 hole course, greens a bit soft, just playable course. 200 m par 3 was challenging. thank you
Santo Antonio
Mon, 19th Nov 2018

A pleasant, challenging field. Good green and fairways.Jukka Ahtinen

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