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Communication problem
Very good service provided. We were informed of maintenance on Benamor and was compensated but not informed of worse problems found on Castro Marim
Thu, 21st Jun 2018
Thank you kindly for your reviews and alerting us of the condition of the Castro Marim course. We did receive an email from Benamor informing that they would be doing hollow coring but I am afraid we did not receive any notification from Castro Marim. We will notify all our clients this morning that are due to play Castro Marim in the coming fortnight. If I can be of any assistance with this situation, please let me know and I will be happy to help? Thank you again, Kind Regards, James

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Castro Marim Golf
Wed, 8th Sep 2021
Sun, 5th Sep 2021
Quinta da Ria
Thu, 2nd Sep 2021
Santo Antonio
Tue, 5th Feb 2019
Mon, 4th Feb 2019
Wed, 30th Jan 2019
Castro Marim Golf
Mon, 28th Jan 2019
Sat, 26th Jan 2019
Castro Marim Golf
Mon, 18th Jun 2018
Quinta de Cima
Sat, 16th Jun 2018
Silves Golf
Thu, 14th Jun 2018
Very good
Tue, 12th Jun 2018

We were advised that the greens had been hollow tyned in advance and were given free buggies for the inconvenience. But the greens were still playable. In fact a lot better than the ones at Castro Marim where we were not told about green maintenance at all. All the staff were friendly. A very enjoyable round.
Sat, 30th Dec 2017
Castro Marim Golf
Poor maintenance
Thu, 28th Dec 2017

I have played castro Marim many times and find it fun to play. This time the maintenance let them down big time.I accept it has to be done but the hollow tyning and dressing the greens left them almost unplayable. Ive been on others that have been done that are nowhere near as bad as these. Also the fairways had been done but they hadnt cleared the debris away. I mentioned these problems in the clubhouse and they said we should have been informed but we werent.
Quinta do Vale
Tue, 26th Dec 2017
Sat, 23rd Dec 2017
Wed, 16th Nov 2016
Fri, 1st Jan 2016
Wed, 30th Dec 2015
Mon, 28th Dec 2015
Vale do Lobo Royal
Sat, 26th Dec 2015

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