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Name: Uwe Nickel
Country: Luxembourg
Handicap: 18,4

Uwe's Course Reviews and Scores

Belas Clube Campo
Tue, 19th Apr 2022
Sun, 17th Apr 2022
Penha Longa Atlantico
Sat, 16th Apr 2022
Quinta da Marinha
Fri, 15th Apr 2022
Royal Obidos
Sun, 11th Jul 2021

I would have expected more ... course itself is okay, but if you compare it with the golf courses close by it is not spectacular.
West Cliffs
You have to play here ...
Sun, 11th Jul 2021

Very spectacular course. Nice challenges. The greens are well kept. Very friendly stuff members. - You get what you see. Awesome!!!!
Quinta do Peru
Sat, 10th Jul 2021

Avg course, with some nice challenges.
Ribagolfe II
Sat, 10th Jul 2021

Challenging course, within the wild nature. You can see foxes hunting wild rabbits. - Careful, that you keep your balls on the green. The nature there is not returning your golf balls.
Penha Longa Mosteiro
Take the challenge ...
Mon, 5th Jul 2021

What a course. You have to play here. It is a nicely setup course. Some nice challenges are included.

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