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Name: Soren
Country: Denmark

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Penha Longa Atlantico
Worst golf experience ever!
Fri, 30th Mar 2018

Booked tee-times 2 weeks in advance, taxi from Lisbon with high expectations but what a disappointment: they have booked 3 flights on the same tee time as ours - so confusion & delay from the beginning - and let a group of 52 players (many high handicappers?) out in only 2 hours - just in front of us. First 9 holes took 3 hours and 10 mins and no marshalls in sight. We left frustrated after 12 holes: 4 hours and 10 mins after tee-off - still no sign of marshalls! Played many top-courses on different continents - never witnessed this before: a 3-ball who has to spend more than 6½ hours on a round.... When complaining afterwards the supervisor offered to refund the cost of the rental clubs (50€ each for totally worn out sets). What a pity to have waisted a day - however beautiful course design, fairways in bad shape, good greens.
Aroeira I
Short & cosy - absolutely worth playing
Wed, 28th Mar 2018

Nice short course in forest layout. Easy to walk and not very challenging. Cosy and relaxed atmosphere - old clubhouse and old style overall. Not very manicured course, but rather pittoresque,

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