Aroeira 1 Golf

Location: Portugal > Lisbon > Aroeira
Course: 18 holes, Par 72
Company: Orizonte
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Aroeira 1 Golf 4 5 1
from United Kingdom
Nice course
A nice user friendly course, tree lined on most fairways - greens were good and mostly in good condition - not a very interesting course but pleasant to play and easy to walk
Aroeira 1 Golf 3 5 1
from Denmark
Short & cosy - absolutely worth playing
Nice short course in forest layout. Easy to walk and not very challenging. Cosy and relaxed atmosphere - old clubhouse and old style overall. Not very manicured course, but rather pittoresque,
Aroeira 1 Golf 2 5 1
from United States
Plays long and course needs better maintenance. Nice setting, however.
Aroeira 1 Golf 3 5 1
from Germany
Course ok....in between houses.
Aroeira 1 Golf 3 5 1
from United Kingdom
greens good but untidy.

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