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Name: Pekka
Country: Finland
Handicap: 17

Pekka's Course Reviews and Scores

Penha Longa Atlantico
Wed, 17th Jul 2019
Quinta da Marinha
Nice and smooth course.
Fri, 12th Jul 2019

The course itself was quite enjoyable. A few tricky faiways for first timer. Needs proper clubhouse with lockers. Now it serves best the hotel residents.
Hot summmer day.
Thu, 11th Jul 2019

The course is really worth money. Not spectacular, but really nice. Not very challengin, but on vavation who needs extra challenges. This is a course for easy afternoon golg.
West Cliffs
Where is my ball.
Tue, 9th Jul 2019

This one is spectacular and challengin course. Stay in the fairways because there is a lot of buhes that likes to eat your balls.

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