Aroeira 2 Golf Course

Location: Portugal > Lisbon > Aroeira Courses
Course: 18 holes, Par 72
Buggies: €40 per buggy
Clubs: €30 per set
Company: Orizonte
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Aroeira 2 Golf Course 2 5 1
from United Kingdom
Poor customer service but an ok course
A pretty course with a few undulations, some water hazards and lots of pine trees. The birdlife was wonderful if you like that sort of thing (I do). My partner felt it was not in the best condition and there were hundreds of pine cones lying around as obstacles. The lower score was mainly because we were asked to give our buggy back on the 16th hole because it was nearing 7pm which we had not been told. We could have walked the rest but with heavy clubs and some health issues this was not possible and our game was terminated. There was no apology from the ground stauff for this. Seriously unimpressed with customer service here.
Aroeira 2 Golf Course 5 5 1
from United Kingdom
Fine golf course .
Very good course in excellent condition throughout . The rough here is more severe that at Aroeira one , but otherwise the layouts are similar . Staff are helpful and friendly . Note that there is only a limited clubhouse and shop at this course . The main facilities are on Aroeira one course . Ten minutes away .
Aroeira 2 Golf Course 3 5 1
from United States
Away from the Aroeira clubhouse, this is a quiet, tranquil cruise through the tree-lined fairways. Spongy greens. Much better kept (or less play?) than Aroeira I.
Aroeira 2 Golf Course 4 5 1
from Sweden
A challanging course, today it was wet wich made the greens slow. Nice course I would like to come back to.
Aroeira 2 Golf Course 4 5 1
from Belgium
Nice and friendly
Nice course, friendly people. Long holes. Well maintained. Interesting water hazards.

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