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Name: Thomas Schneider
Country: Germany

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Business as expected
Everything went smoothly for this group of 7 Players, from course Selektion Through , reservation, Payment and fullfilment.

Excellent Service


Tue, 7th May 2019

Thank you kindly Thomas and for all your reviews of the courses

Thomas's Course Reviews and Scores

Golfe do Estoril
You feel history
Sun, 5th May 2019

Very nice course. You Must be precise in your Game.
West Cliffs
Sat, 4th May 2019

Touch course, especially when winda are picking up! Hitting Long definitely helps you. Excellent Views
Lisbon Sports Club
Feel home
Fri, 3rd May 2019

Nice old course. Need some refurbishment Herr and there. Extremly Friends staff, excellent restaurant
Quinta da Marinha
Nothing special
Thu, 2nd May 2019

Have Experted more from this course. Lass shiny than announced on homepage

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