Golfe do Estoril Golf Course

Price: Tee Times from €44
Location: Portugal > Lisbon > Estoril
Course: 18 holes, Par 69

Discount Green Fees & Deals

18 Holes Green Fees
1 free in 8
1st Mar 2017 to 30th Jun 2017 €57
1st Jul 2017 to 2nd Jul 2017 €57
8th Jul 2017 to 9th Jul 2017 €57
10th Jul 2017 to 14th Jul 2017 €50
15th Jul 2017 to 16th Jul 2017 €57
17th Jul 2017 to 21st Jul 2017 €50
22nd Jul 2017 to 23rd Jul 2017 €57
24th Jul 2017 to 28th Jul 2017 €50
29th Jul 2017 to 30th Jul 2017 €57
31st Jul 2017 to 4th Aug 2017 €50
5th Aug 2017 to 6th Aug 2017 €57
7th Aug 2017 to 11th Aug 2017 €50
12th Aug 2017 to 13th Aug 2017 €57
14th Aug 2017 to 14th Aug 2017 €50
15th Aug 2017 to 15th Aug 2017 €57
16th Aug 2017 to 18th Aug 2017 €50
19th Aug 2017 to 20th Aug 2017 €57
21st Aug 2017 to 25th Aug 2017 €50
26th Aug 2017 to 27th Aug 2017 €57
28th Aug 2017 to 31st Aug 2017 €50
1st Sep 2017 to 31st Oct 2017 €57
Twilight Deals
Late afternoon tee times, play as much as you can.
1st Apr 2017 to 2nd Jul 2017 €44
8th Jul 2017 to 31st Oct 2017 €44

Golfe do Estoril Overview

Estoril Golf Club Course which was originally inaugurated as a nine hole course in 1929. It is located in a prime position in can be reached by the motorway from Lisbon in 15 minutes. In 1945 it was enlarged to 18 holes and has in the past been several times host to the Portuguese Open.

The Estoril Clube de Golfe Course suffered a further layout change in the 1990s as land was taken for the construction of a motorway. The sixteenth hole was subject to the most redesign and was reshaped as a 184 metre Par 3. However, these alterations have not stopped its popularity. it is thought by many players as being one of the most outstanding hole to play in Portugal. Within the 18 hole main course there is another further nine-holes designed mainly for golfers who are high handicappers and is known as the Estoril Blue Golf Course.

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